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Mikumi National Park

Trip to Mikumi National Park – The ideal way to explore Tanzanian wilderness

Mikumi is Tanzania’s fourth-biggest national park. It is likewise the most open from Dar es Salaam. With nearly ensured untamed life viewings, it makes a perfect safari goal for those having a shortage of time.

Since the fulfillment of the paved road interfacing the park entryway with Dar es Salaam, Mikumi National Park has become a hotspot for the tourism industry in Tanzania. Situated between the Uluguru Mountains and the Lumango range, Mikumi is the fourth biggest national park in Tanzania and just a couple of hours’ drive from Tanzania’s biggest city. The park has a wide assortment of untamed life that can be simply spotted and furthermore all around acclimatized to a game survey.

We at DB East Africa Safaris organize day trip in Mikumi National Park and you can easily book your place in one such calling us. We take care of every aspect of your travel needs and it is you will have a comfortable, safe and enjoyable exploration of Tanzanian wilderness.

The most effective method to arrive 

A decent paved road interfaces Mikumi to Dar es Salaam via Morogoro, an about 4-hour drive. Additionally, there are road associations with Udzungwa, Ruaha and Selous. So, you can be at Mikumi after visiting these famous safari spots.

There are also charter flights from Dar es Salaam, Arusha or Selous. You can also take local transports that run from Dar. When you are with us, you need not bother about your means to reach Mikumi. You just have to reach Dar and after that, it is our responsibility to arrange for comfortable and safe transportation for you.

Best Time to Visit

You can be at Mikumi any time of the year; nevertheless, the best time for a stunning untamed life-viewing safari in Mikumi is during the dry season, between June and October. It is during the dry season when vegetation in the park is more slender and natural life is plentiful around a couple of waterholes and waterways – making it simpler to spot them.

The wet, between November and May, is the ideal time for birding. Despite the fact that Mikumi is anything but a regular birding goal, we accept the quantity of transient and occupant birds found in this park will dazzle any bird-viewing aficionado

The experience that waits for you 

Mikumi Safari vacation is noticeable for voyagers who visit Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar islands however wish to go on a short untamed life safari break at a reasonable expense. For most of the voyagers on safari to Mikumi, the excellence and bounty of natural life in this southern Tanzania Park consistently outperform their desires. In any case, for one to appreciate a Mikumi safari it is ideal too, initially comprehend, the recreation center.

Viewing four of five 

Mikumi is home to a stunning diversity of major games including 4 of the popular huge 5 of Africa-elephants, bison, lions and the panther.

The Park likewise has a stunning variety of lesser-natural life, little game and game birds, aside from the big game. It is a fantasy goal for bird darlings, with more than 400 species to sight and photo from. Aside from birds, numerous types of insects and reptiles wander here.

We organize the best leopard tours in Tanzania and Mikumi is the ideal place to have such with our experienced and knowledgeable local guides.

Concentration of games 

The number of wild creature s here may not match the dynamite groupings of the parks close to the Kenyan fringe like Serengeti or Ngorongoro; however, the numbers are yet astonishing. In the event that this is your first visit to Africa, it for sure you will be astonished by the enormous crowds of herbivores in the safari regions of the Mkata Flood Plain.

Nice drive on the highway

A generally excellent all-climate tarmac road, Highway No: A7, which goes past into the neighboring nation of Zambia, associates the park to Dar via Morogoro the closest city. Abandon stresses an awful road or agonizing personal security, which are frequently the prime worries of travelers visiting the African mainland. We arrange for comfortable transportation means for you to have a comfortable and safe journey.

Simple visibility of the game

What is the enjoyment in tuning in to natural life scholars revealing to us how rich a park is, in the event that we do not see the same? On the off chance that you are in a rush to see the major game, at that point, look no farther than Mikumi from Dar es Salaam. In the event that you have children or grown-ups in the family who have watched African natural life just on TV, there is no better method to get a direct encounter of the landmass’ untamed life than a visit to Mikumi.

Complete enjoyment with family 

You can get off your safari vehicle at assigned spots and find a place close to the regular habitat here. Among such spots are the Hippo Pool and the treehouse at the Baobab tree. Mikumi spellbinds grown-ups and youngsters the same with the things and spots it offers its guests.

Appreciate picturesque landscape 

The drive to Mikumi is picturesque, especially as one approaches Morogoro City, ringed by the rainforest, dressed Udzungwa Mountains. It goes through two or three major patches of forests before it enters the Mikumi Park.

Best of accommodation

You will have access to a large group of eateries and resorts that take into account a wide scope of visitors visiting the park. One decent place to stay in the Mikumi Adventure Lodge. This spot is just around 150 meters from the thruway immediately leaving the park’s southern passage, two or three kilometers from the community of Mikumi.

We at DB East Africa Safaris have the experience and knowledge to arrange the best safaris. When you desire to explore and enjoy anything from Kilimanjaro to Mikumi National Park do call us at +255 767 542 251 or +41 755 223 686 and we will make that possible for you.