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Arusha - Tanzania

Lake Manyara National Park

A Trip to Lake Manyara – Chance to visit miniature Tanzania at a place

Lake Manyara National Park is one of the littlest safari stops in Tanzania, yet encases inside its various microclimates, an assorted scope of scenes and creature populaces, which reflect those of a wide range of parts of Tanzania in miniature. We at DB East Africa Safaris organize the best Lake Manyara trip in Tanzania making possible for you to have the best exploration while having comfort, safety and enjoyment.

Best Time to Visit

Lake Manyara is a lovely spot to visit all through the year. With unending water in the central soda lake which covers 66% of the all-out region of more than 127 square miles, in spite of the fact that this shrinks in the dry season to a large portion of its size, encompassed by salt pads. The dry period of July to October is the best time to Travel to Lake Manyara for watching the game that comes to Manyara from different ranges as water sources evaporate, to gather around new waterholes with less cover for camouflage. The north of the park gets more traffic, particularly in the mornings during this season, so it is ideal to remain inside the park to get to the southern districts. It can get very cold in the dry, cool period of June to September, so there is a requirement of light fleece for early morning and night game drives when temperatures regularly fall underneath 60 F.

How to reach Lake Manyara 

The ideal approach to arrive at Lake Manyara National Park is by flying into the Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA). From Arusha, this airport is situated in a separation of around 46 kilometers. Using a domestic flight, it is additionally conceivable to travel to Arusha Airport (ARK) while flying into the Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) in Dar es Salaam. Booking a modest flight from Nairobi in Kenya is another choice to explore and take bus transport to Arusha.

The safari experience that waits for you

Day trip to Lake Manyara with us is the ideal approach to explore and enjoy at Manyara, spotting hippos in the north and south of the lake, with several bird species, particularly waders and transient flamingos, on the shores, and a great many ungulates and unmistakable primates in the forests.

In the wake of welcoming the day in Arusha, Lake Manyara National Park is a brief 90 minutes drive away. Take in the sights of Tanzania’s wild skylines as your game drive vehicle trundles towards the entrance gate of Lake Manyara.

The habitats of Lake Manyara are assorted; remain in the lush open fields, peer through thick timberlands and forests in the north, wonder about the soda lake, venture through marshes and wonder about underground aquifers and hippo pools in the south. The National Park Safari that we organize will give you ample opportunities to view such guided by our local guides.

Entering the park, the forests will envelop you. The trees stand near one another and blue monkeys swing through branches overhead. Keep an eye open for greater game pondering through the shrubberies.

As you travel through the forest with our guide, get your first look at shocking Lake Manyara. The shoreline extends the length of the park and the lapping waters of the lake are never distant regardless of where you are in. During the wet season, the lake covers a noteworthy 66% of the park. It shrinks down to nothing during the dry season. As the lake retreats, salt pads outskirt the waterline and the inhabitant elephants, wildebeest, Masai giraffe, zebra and impala assemble in their droves looking for water during the dry months.

While pondering along the shoreline, turn your look towards the forest area. With a blend of luck and sharp visual perception, you will have the option to recognize the flick of a brownish tail hanging over the edge of a low hanging branch. Lake Manyara’s tree-climbing lions are nearly as difficult to spot, as they are outstanding. The large cats amble up trunks and spend time unwinding in the late morning heat.

You can unload your cookout basket and appreciate an ideal lunch involvement in clearing sees over the soft drink lakes waters.

Go through the early evening time exploring the remainder of the park. The intrigue of Lake Manyara is that while it is such a grand, fluctuated condition, with such a great amount to see, it is sufficiently little to explore in one day. An evening game drive to the park’s southern fringes takes you through swamps and past a foaming underground aquifer called “Maji Moto”. Climb along the raised walkway close by the hippo pool and invest some energy appreciating the colossal animals relaxing in the cool waters.

Pink feathers flutter on the lake as the flamingos get their last fix of the green growth they feed on and which they can thank for their lively shading. Major game meanders back through the backwoods and forests. Nighttime creatures start to stir. The game drive vehicles stroll gradually back towards the passageway door. It is a great opportunity to savor the last perspectives on Lake Manyara National Park.

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