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Arusha - Tanzania

Kitulo National Park

Kitulo  National Park

Located in the southern highlands of Tanzania, in the lap of Kipengere and Poroto mountain peaks, lies the magnificent Kitulo plateau which consists of vast streach of protected regions of montane grassland and montane forests covering an area of approximately 160 square miles. Situated at an altitude of 8500 ft, with its wide rolling plains and grassland, the Kitulo National Park serves as a visual treat to nature lovers. Often referred to as the Garden Of God, the place offers serene vistas of plains with some exquisite flower species along with fauna and some rare bird species. The place is a treasure trove not just to a botanist but also to an ornithologist.


Located in the Mbeya region and Njombe region, the park serves as an ideal holiday spot for families seeking some lone time away from the busy, fast pacing blatant life of cities. The park is ergonomically located and is only 60 miles from the nearest town of Mbeya. Also, adjacent to the park is the Matamba village with its affordable guest houses consisting of all basic facilities.



From Myeba, travelers could hike to Lake Ngozi which is the second largest crater lake in Africa. Amongst other options, are the guided hikes that are available to waterfall and down to edge of Lake Malawi. While the most fun to visit place remains the Matamba Ridge which is a five hours trek inside the park. The ridge offers stupendous view of the Kitulo Park and the Matamba plateau, which makes it a dream spot for sight-seeing and relaxing.



Kitulo National Park provides array of activities to engage in, you could either go hiking with your friends into the park or you could choose to go for a jeep safari. The park has nicely cut hiking paths which make it least tiresome to walk through. The park is a haven to bird lovers as there are some of the most exquisite and rare bird species like Denham’s  Bustard, Blue Swallow and the endemic Montane Marsh Widow making it one of the most sought after bird watching destination of the world.



Kitulo National park offers complete eight months of tourism season for its travelers and adventure seekers depending upon their preferences. Being the Mecca of flower lovers, Kitulo provides a magnificent display of its floral diversity during the month of December all through April. Whereas, September, October and November are marked by dry, non rainy season with clear blue sky and bright sunlight making it a hiker’s utopia.



Getting to Kitulo National Park is rather easy, even with a car over a dirt road off the beaten track from Southwest over Isyonji. The nearest town being Myeba, is merely sixty miles from the park. From Myeba, one could head to Matamba village which lies adjacent to park and has affordable guest houses with all basic amenities. Travelers could either stay in the village guest house or choose to camp inside the park itself.



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