Tipping in Kilimanjaro Trekking:

How Much to Tip Guides and Porters?

Knowing how to appropriately tip in any country can be tricky, and  in Tanzania is no exception. There’s no hard and fast rule, so using your discretion is key. It seems everyone will give you a different answer when it comes to how to tip. This is frequently asked question, and so at DB East Africa Safaris we will advice you based on our Experiences.

So How much should you Tip a Guide or a Porter? 

$20-$40 USD per day or 10%?

Direct to the point, DB East Africa Safaris we encourage and insist travelers to only Tip Guides  20$ – 25$ per Day. Not less than that especially our guides who will offer you best services ever.

We emphasize a tip of 10$ to 15$ per Day for Porters.

These information are based on our experience and what we deem as enough and appropriate for our travelers.

In case of any queries do not hesitate to contact us.