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Arusha - Tanzania

9 Days Wildebeest Migration Safari

Witness the great wildebeest migration in the best possible manner

The Great Wildebeest Migration in the Serengeti is the biggest single development of wild creatures on the planet, deservedly recorded as one of its eight Natural Wonders and an excellent motivation for a fantasy nature voyage through northern Tanzania with DB East Africa Safaris.

Around 1.5 million wildebeests, with a huge number of zebras, elands, gazelles alongside a trailing entourage of predators, leave their calving grounds in southern Serengeti, around March and April, heading for the following water source.

The move through the south-focal Seronera edges into the Western Corridor and Grumeti River showing up during the period of April to May and living until June. Afterward at long last towards the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya crossing the unsafe Mara River around July or August onwards with an arrival through a similar shocking stream, this time making a beeline for the orientation of Lobo and Loliondo in eastern Serengeti around October to November. The white hairy wildebeest venture proceeds back toward the southern Ndutu calving grounds with appearances beginning around December with brief habitation until March.

The dates timing of the movement relies on the yearly rains and recharging of new field, which may regularly happen prior, or later in certain years. In any case, the scene merits the push to make a 9 Days Wildebeest Migration Safari with us.  You will have an adventurous and exciting safari as huge numbers of wild gnus pour over the fields, driven by intuition or need so that they go about as one substance, seeking after their fate, to groove, mate, dare and die on this incomprehensibly risky excursion. You will have the exposure to witness the definitive endurance of the wildebeest and the duration of the Serengeti biological system of which they are the origin.

Their epic excursion is one of brutality and continuance as they fight onwards, past stone kopjes where cheetah or lion lie in snare, through flood-swollen and crocodile invaded waterways, over dried fields burned by rapidly spreading fires, to asylum in the north. At that point, homing in on inaccessible downpours, they hover back once more, daring prominent dangers by similar water, by fatigue and by predators, shedding a fourth of their numbers by the wayside.

To value the monstrosity of this marvel, you should partake, following and seeing from 4×4 game-survey vehicles, filming from the earliest stage noticeable all around in a tourist balloon to focus in on the activity as though the ceaseless fields were your performance center with your own cast of millions highlighting their antiquated custom for only you.

We ensure you have best of exploration and enjoyment during this adventurous safari. We also make sure that you have perfect comfort, safety and best of guidance from our local guides. We not only highlight the wildebeest migration to you but also make you close to African culture as you drive to Mto-wa-mbu village.

It is for sure you will cherish your safari experience.

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On arrival on the Kilimanjaro airport you’ll receive a visa on the immigration division within the airport a course of that may take you a couple of minutes. As you emerge to the arrivals corridor you will be met by your driver guide who will help you to a ready automotive which is able to switch you to a lodge in Arusha town. On arrival on the lodge you’ll examine in and have a couple of minutes speak with Anthony a safari supervisor and driver guide who wills temporary you in your safari. In a single day at Arusha Zawadi House Lodge.

Main destination: Arusha
Accommodation: Arusha Zawadi House Lodge.
Meals & drinks: All meals, including non-alcoholic drinks

Day 1. Arusha – Tarangire National Park. Driving time from Arusha to Tarangire is 2:00 Hours
In the morning you will be picked up from your hotel to start your safari to the Tarangire National Park you will have time to stop at Arusha Culture center for you to spend time here before heading to Tarangire National Park for morning and afternoon game drive.The park is roughly the size of Luxemburg and covers an area of about 2,600 km². Bush savannah, seasonal swamps and giant baobab trees make up the landscape of this nature reserve and the park is probably one of the best places in East Africa to see elephants. Not only are there thousands, but they are also relatively accustomed to vehicles so you will be able to get really close to them. Apart from elephants, the park is also home to Masai giraffes, various gazelles, antelopes, buffaloes, lions, leopards, baboons and more than 500 types of birds. After an extensive game drive you will leave the park in the afternoon and drive to the Oldean Ngorongoro mountain Lodge for your overnight stay.

Main destination: Ngorongoro Crater
AccommodationNgorongoro Oldean Mountain Lodge
Meals & drinks: All meals, including non-alcoholic drinks

Day 2. Oldean Mountain lodge – Center Serengeti National Park. Driving time from Oldean mountain lodge to Serengeti National Park is 3.5 Hours.
After breakfast you will travel from the Tarangire Area to the lush highlands where crops such as wheat, corn and coffee are grown. Travelling through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area you might stop for a breath-taking view over the Ngorongoro Crater before you continue to the Serengeti National Park. Serengeti means “endless plains” in the language of the Masai and you will see the grassland savannah stretching to the horizon. Bizarre rock formations dot the grassy landscape where predators roam. Blue wildebeests, Thomson’s gazelles, zebras and buffaloes are on the menu… Through the high and open roof of the safari vehicle you will be able to enjoy the diversified habitats and landscapes of the park. You will arrive in the Seronera Valley for an evening meal and overnight stay at the Kubu Kubu Tented Camp for dinner and overnight.

Main destination: Center Serengeti
Accommodation: Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge
Meals & drinks: All meals, including non-alcoholic drinks


Day 3. Center Serengeti – Northern Serengeti Kogatende Area.

Driving time from Center Serengeti to Northern Serengeti is 4:00Hours
After breakfast, we will drive across the plains of Togoro and through the Mbuzi Mawe kopjes (small hills) as we make our way into the park’s northern reaches.

Along the way you’ll have the opportunity to see the Serengeti’s diverse scenery as pass through wooded hills, tumbledown kopjes, and the wide open savannah. Your drive will show you everything from the diminutive dik-dik to towering elephants and giraffes.

Upon arriving in the Kogatende region, you’ll go out in search of both the Wildebeest Migration crossing the Mara Viver and the famous Big Five.

Dinner and overnight will be at Mara Under Canvas Tented Camp.

Main destination: Northern Serengeti
Accommodation: Mara under canvas luxury Tented Camp
Meals & drinks: All meals, including non-alcoholic drinks


Day 4 & 5. Full day game drive in northern Serengeti at Kogatende area.

After breakfast, we’ll start our game drive around the Kogatende area, searching around the kopjes looking for carnivores and the large migration groups that will be preparing to cross the Mara River into Kenya.

The Kogatende area are covered in large acacia trees which support large amounts of elephants, giraffes, antelopes, buffaloes, and the carnivores that prey on them. It’s a fascinating opportunity to see a large number of Africa’s most iconic animals in a relatively small amount of time.

From here we’ll proceed to the Kogatende areas where we will eventually meet the Mara River itself. Home to large numbers of hippos and Nile crocodiles, the Mara River is the last major obstacle standing between the Wildebeest Migration and the relative safety of the Masai Mara. If you’re patient and a little lucky, you may even get to witness the death-defying crossing itself where wildebeest and zebras brave the river’s currents and crocodiles in an attempt to reach safety on the opposite bank.

Dinner and overnight will be in the heart of the Northern Serengeti National Park at Mara Under Canvas tented campfor dinner and overnight stay

Main destination: Northern Serengeti
Accommodation: Mara under canvas luxury Tented Camp
Meals & drinks: All meals, including non-alcoholic drinks


Day 6. Northern Serengeti- Center Serengeti. Driving time from Northern Serengeti to Center Serengeti is 4 hours
After breakfast, we get right on the road to Center Serengeti National Park.

Our drive takes us back through the Serengeti via a different route, offering plenty of opportunities to spot the animals that eluded you on day two. As far as the eye can see, you’ll spot thousands upon thousands of animals in herds; wildebeests and zebras migrating together, tall and graceful giraffes, jumping antelopes and gazelles, the powerful African elephant and the most respected group of animals:.

You will have the chance to spot lean cheetahs and shy leopards, foraging hyenas, and last but not least, the king himself; the lion.

Dinner and overnight will be at Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge

Main destination: Center Serengeti
Accommodation: Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge
Meals & drinks: All meals, including non-alcoholic drinks

Day 7. Serengeti National Park — Ngorongoro Crater for Dinner and overnight . Driving time from Serengeti to Ngorongoro crater is 3.5 hours
Rise and shine! After breakfast at day break your drive guide takes you back to morning game drive in center Serengeti with pick nic lunch, in the afternoon you will keep driving to Ngorongoro Rhino lodge located at the rim of Ngorongoro Concervation area for your dinner and overnight.

Main destination: Ngorongoro Crater
Accommodation: Ngorongoro Rhino Lodge
Meals & drinks: All meals, including non-alcoholic drinks

Day 8. Ngorongoro Crater full day game drive – Karatu Tloma Lodge. Driving time from Ngorongoro crater to Karatu town is 1:00 hours
Rise and shine! After breakfast at day break you our drive takes us back down into the crater from Serengeti National Park. Inside the world’s biggest caldera you will see a diversity of wildlife ranging from black rhinos, Grant’s and Thomson’s gazelles, lions and leopards, to elephants and mountain reedbucks in the forests on the slopes. You might also see buffaloes, spotted hyenas and some of the more than 500 bird species of the area. After an extensive game drive and a picnic lunch you will leave the crater in the afternoon we will travel travel to Ngorongoro Tloma Lodge in Karatutown for your dinner and overnight stay.

Main destination: Ngorongoro Crater
Accommodation: Ngorongoro Rhino Lodge
Meals & drinks: All meals, including non-alcoholic drinks

Day 9. From Tloma Lodge – Mto wa Mbu cultural programme– In the afternoon you will drive back to Kilimanjaro airport for your flight back home. Driving time from Mto-wa-mbu village to Kilimanjaro airport is 3:00 Hours
Breakfast is enjoyed at the lodge before you head off to the multi-cultural town of Mto wa Mbu. Here you will be met by a local guide who will give you a short briefing on the upcoming tour – exploring the village and its surroundings on foot. During your experience you will witness traditional wood carvers as well as local artists at work. After a traditional African lunch you will have the chance to visit local school at the village meet the students and teachers.

In the afternoon your driver will drive you back to Kilimanjaro airport for your flight back home. THE END OF OUR SAFARI SERVICE.

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